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No matter what your project management needs are, Project KickStart has an excellent solution for you that will help you generate ideas, solve problems and increase efficiency.

Project KickStart Pro 5, with task dependencies, is the best choice for medium size projects of even 50 tasks or more because your entire project schedule is automatically updated when tasks or dates change, saving precious time and energy. Standard 5 is the perfect fit for smaller, less complex projects.

Product Comparison Pro 5

Standard 5



Advanced Project Planning X  
Advanced Project Management X  
Gantt Charts    
     Advanced Gantt Charts (new) X  
     Link Tasks (new) X  
     Unlink Tasks (new) X  
     Add predecessors (new) X  
     Add successors (new) X  
     Milestones X x
Advanced Reporting (new) X  

Key Features    
What if scheduling scenarios (new) X  
Risk Analysis and Avoidance (new) X  
Export to Microsoft Office/Project, ACT! and others X x
Advanced Gantt Chart reporting X  
Create dependent tasks X  
Collaboration X  
Document Management X x
Project Wizard, Project Management X x
Basic Gantt Charts X x
Resource Management X x
Budgeting X x
Scheduling (Calendars, Timelines) X x
Project Dashboards (new) X  
Basic Reporting X x

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