Cat Lovers Only

by Kurt Schmitt
(Florida, USA)

At the time I started my cat related website, there were relatively few well researched cat sites written from a cat owner's perspective. At the time, I had already been an experienced cat owner for over 10 years, with three active cats running the house. During that time, I dealt with many aspects of cat care and behavior.

I had spent many hours not only caring for my cats, but researching the various medical conditions they had, the behavioral situations I encountered, and their general care. These subjects included pre- and post-surgical care, introducing new cats to the house, various illnesses, feeding, and litter box maintenance.

So, I decided to take on the task of creating a website that would lay out all of the things that I had learned about cats. Several years and hundreds of thousands of visitors later, Cat Lovers Only is a thriving site and one of the most popular cat websites in the world.

The site has expanded to include information on cat products, books and resources, cat food, and humor. The site has matured into a community site where fellow cat lovers can ask and answer questions, upload photos, tell stories, and help each other find vital information on caring for their cats.

Two of the most popular sections center around those needing help with litter box problems, and cat owners needing answers to cat health questions. Of course, any and all cat lovers are welcome to participate!

Cat Lovers Only

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