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Change Management Theories: looking for a winner

Change management theories BPR and TQM are partial. The Theory of the Holonomic Organization finally seems to be a complete theory for change and adaptation.

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RIF security strategies

RIF security strategies should be considered by family businesses owners when they are considering a reduction in force.

Continue reading "RIF security strategies"

Planning for the Future

Planning For The Future is an enlightening step-by-step Guide to estate planning for parents who have a child with a disability

Continue reading "Planning for the Future"

29 Leadership Practices - The Foundation

These 29 leadership practices are the foundation for adaptable organizations. They support the holonomic processes, which enable the desired organizational characteristics.

Continue reading "29 Leadership Practices - The Foundation"

Performance Metrics

Performance metrics requires that the major work functions in every department be identified both in terms of volume and time. The premise is that work not measured cannot be managed.

Continue reading "Performance Metrics"

Building Consensus in a Family Business

Building consensus about how the business should be operated, now and into the future, is one of the most difficult problems confronting family businesses.

Continue reading "Building Consensus in a Family Business"

Professionalizing Family Business Management

Professionalizing family business management is the most difficult and emotionally destructive problem confronted in family businesses. Learn how to handle it by evolution rather than revolution.

Continue reading "Professionalizing Family Business Management"

Loss Control Through Prevention

Loss control is all about reducing the frequency and/or severity of losses through preventive measures.

Continue reading "Loss Control Through Prevention"

Risk Management Needed By Every Family Business

Risk management must be for risky businesses... we're a family business and we're not risky. So, we don't need risk management...right? WRONG! Spend a few minutes with us, and we'll show you why.

Continue reading "Risk Management Needed By Every Family Business"

Charity Organizations

Charity organizations work to make our world a better place

Continue reading "Charity Organizations"

We The People

We The People begins the preamble to the US Constitution

Continue reading "We The People"

Using an Executive Search Firm

Using an executive search firm is a smart strategy when a family business is seeking to hire a non-family key executive. Learn about the different ways to use an executive search firm.

Continue reading "Using an Executive Search Firm"

Online Business Plan - Differs from other Business Plans

An online business plan is different than a regular business plan. Describes an outline and seven ways an online business plan differs.

Continue reading "Online Business Plan - Differs from other Business Plans"

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting can be a smart stragegy for many family businesses.

Continue reading "Rainwater Harvesting"

Captive Insurance Company

A Captive insurance company can be much more than a risk management tool for family businesses.

Continue reading "Captive Insurance Company"

Pruning the family business tree

Pruning applies to family businesses as well as trees. Prune to ensure that only qualified family members are employed. And learn what non-employee family members can contribute.

Continue reading "Pruning the family business tree"

Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol Consumption was the basis for a study released by the National Institute for Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

Continue reading "Alcohol Consumption"

Business Plan Outlines Are the Backbone of Your Business Plan

Business plan outlines provide the backbone for your business plan. We compare two popular business plan outlines to show you that the backbone does not need to be rigid and fixed in order to provide

Continue reading "Business Plan Outlines Are the Backbone of Your Business Plan"

Succession Planning Obstacles in Family Business

Succession planning for family businesses is like an obstacle course. Sometimes, the best way to look at a problem is to identify the obstacles to solving that problem.

Continue reading "Succession Planning Obstacles in Family Business"

Peer to Peer Lending

Peer to Peer Lending is an alternative financing option for family business owners seeking funds to grow their family business

Continue reading "Peer to Peer Lending"

Project Management Training

Project management training - for professional certification, or just to improve your skills, here are some ideas and sources.

Continue reading "Project Management Training"

Who Should Write Your Business Plan?

Who should write your business plan?

Continue reading "Who Should Write Your Business Plan?"

Training and Development

Training and development is essential for survival and growth in today's competitive marketplace. Here are twelve points to consider for single-course and ongoing training programs.

Continue reading "Training and Development"

Professional Intervention in the Family Owned Business

Professional intervention to resolve family business disputes is an effective strategy because running a successful family business is substantially more complex than running a non family business.

Continue reading "Professional Intervention in the Family Owned Business"

Leadership Practices Assessment

Leadership practices assessment is a simple and quick way to assess the leadership practices in your organization. This gives insight into organizational problem solving.

Continue reading "Leadership Practices Assessment"

Family Business Expert

Family Business Expert Don Schwerzler offers success strategies for family businesses

Continue reading "Family Business Expert"

Chief Emotional Officer

Mom's role as Chief Emotional Officer (CEO) of the family in a family business

Continue reading "Chief Emotional Officer"


Standards are a key leadership practice

Continue reading "Standards"

Business Ideas

New business ideas and business intelligence are crucial strategies for family business owners who are interested in re-visioning and expanding the scope and mission of their business

Continue reading "Business Ideas"

Employee Performance Appraisals

Employee performance appraisals are one of the least understood and most abused management tools. We think it's because folks forget that they are part of a process, not just a once-a-year tool.

Continue reading "Employee Performance Appraisals"

Online Disaster Tool Kit

An online disaster tool kit should be part of the contingency plan for every family business.

Continue reading "Online Disaster Tool Kit"

Business Plan Samples to Fuel Your Imagination

Business plan samples can help get your creative juices flowing. Follow our links to some really exciting and helpful sample business plans.

Continue reading "Business Plan Samples to Fuel Your Imagination"

Intra-family loans

Intra-family loans are common practice for family businesses according to leading expert DON SCHWERZLER.

Continue reading "Intra-family loans"

Family Business Experts South Africa

Family Business Experts South Africa is an on-line resouce for family-owned businesses in South Africa

Continue reading "Family Business Experts South Africa"

"Battleground" Describe Your Family Business?

A battleground can result in the family business from mixing good family behaviors with an effective business system.

Continue reading ""Battleground" Describe Your Family Business?"

family business help

If you are a family business owner seeking family business help - you have come to the right place!

Continue reading "family business help"

Family Business Strategy Master

A family business strategy master can help a family business owner realize the true potential of the business.

Continue reading "Family Business Strategy Master"


Innovation is a key leadership practice

Continue reading "Innovation"

Family Business Institute

The original Family Business Institute is Atlanta based and founded by Don Schwerzler - provides tips and success strategies for family businesses

Continue reading "Family Business Institute "

Family Business Roundtable

Facilitating a Family Business Roundtable is a practice development service we offer to professional service companies that work with family businesses.

Continue reading "Family Business Roundtable"