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Family Business Advisor

Family business advisor Don Schwerzler, top family business expert and founder of the Family Business Institute has been studying and advising family businesses for more than 40 years.

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Family Business Strategy Master

A family business strategy master can help a family business owner realize the true potential of the business.

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Family Business Expert

Family Business Expert Don Schwerzler offers success strategies for family businesses

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Family Business Assessment

Our Family Business Assessment process has been perfected over 40 years working hundreds of family businesses, large and small and a broad spectrum of industries

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Family Business Consulting

Family Business Consulting resources provided by Atlanta-based Family Business Institute offer tips and success strategies for family businesses

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Professional Intervention in the Family Owned Business

Professional intervention to resolve family business disputes is an effective strategy because running a successful family business is substantially more complex than running a non family business.

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Family Business Roundtable

Facilitating a Family Business Roundtable is a practice development service we offer to professional service companies that work with family businesses.

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Business Plan Template - Your Key to Success

A good business plan template is essential. Need one? Have one that isn't working well? Make your family business' plan your template for success.

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Functional Alcoholic

A functional alcoholic is a person fighting alcoholism without the classic signs of full blown alcoholism.

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Alcoholism Impacts Family Businesses

Alcoholism impacts family businesses - tell us your story!

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Transition tips for family businesses

The transition of ownership from one generation to the next can cause havoc in the family business and the family. Here are three ideas to help ensure success for your family business.

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Private Investigator - Introduction and case studies

A private investigator provides family business with a wide range of services. Meet our family business security expert and read about some of the cases he has solved.

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Online Disaster Tool Kit

An online disaster tool kit should be part of the contingency plan for every family business.

Continue reading "Online Disaster Tool Kit"

Family Business Media Center

Family business media center provides writers, editors and reporters with insights into the complex dynamics of family-owned businesses

Continue reading "Family Business Media Center"

Family Business Constitution

A family business constitution can help avoid disputes in a family business.

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We The People

We The People begins the preamble to the US Constitution

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Packaging Products and Services

Packaging products and services is the crucial junction where products and services are conjoined with marketing and advertising strategies to improve branding and value perception that will increase

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Advisory Board Benefits Family Business

An advisory board made up of experienced outsiders brings a fresh perspective to problems and opportunities that face both the family and the family business.

Continue reading "Advisory Board Benefits Family Business"

Leadership Assessment

Leadership assessment is an important practice for every family business.

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Family Business Experts

Family Business Experts 20 person team is nationally recognized for our work in pioneering the multi-discipline approach to solving the unique and complex problems that impact the family business.

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Chaos Busters for Business Owners

Chaos Busters For Business Owners - A Management tool to make your business more effective

Continue reading "Chaos Busters for Business Owners"

Tactical Tips

Tactical tips for dealing with succession in a family business

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Using A Ghost Writer Makes Good Business Sense

Using a ghost writer makes good sense for small to medium-sized family businesses. Learn about several situations where a seasoned ghost writer can present the family's best interests.

Continue reading "Using A Ghost Writer Makes Good Business Sense"

Planning Your Family Reunion

Planning your family reunion could be daunting. Follow our tips learned from families that have been doing it for years and make it a fun event that the whole family wants to do every year.

Continue reading "Planning Your Family Reunion"

Family Business Retreat Strengthens Communications

The family business retreat is one of the most important strategies used to help strengthen the communication system in a family business. See how this process can help yours.

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Honor Flight

Honor Flight is organized as a volunteer organization to fly WW II veterans to Washington DC to visit the World War II Memorial.

Continue reading "Honor Flight"

Family Business Help Desk

The Family Business Help Desk is a resource family business owners can use to get expert advice on family and business issues that are hurting their family's business

Continue reading "Family Business Help Desk"

Chief Emotional Officer

Mom's role as Chief Emotional Officer (CEO) of the family in a family business

Continue reading "Chief Emotional Officer"

In Praise of Nepotism: An Interview with Adam Bellow

Adam Bellow's remarkable new book - In Praise of Nepotism: A Natural History - in our opinion is a must-read for anyone in a family business. Or any business.

Continue reading "In Praise of Nepotism: An Interview with Adam Bellow"

Ask the Family Business Expert

Ask The Family Business Expert - Here's your chance to ask our family business expert about issues and concerns you may have about your family business.

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Paying It Forward

We appreciate your support and financial donations – an opportunity for paying it forward.

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How to Contact Family Business Experts

Contact Family Business Experts is easy - just pick up the telephone, use email or snail mail, send us a fax. WE respect your privacy to the utmost.

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Quick links to aerospace industry associations

The aerospace industry is served by numerous associations... Here's a listing and links to some of them.

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Performance Evaluation

Performance evaluation is one of the least understood and most abused management tools. We think it's because managers and employees forget that it is part of a process, not just a once-a-year tool.

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Family Business Telephone Consultation

Family business telephone consultation is an effective means to get a real time solution for a family business issue.

Continue reading "Family Business Telephone Consultation"

Future Proof Your Family Business

As a family business owner, what are you doing to future proof your family business?

Continue reading "Future Proof Your Family Business"

unpaid internships

Unpaid internships are used by some family businesses as a way of testing a recent college graduate as a potential employee before actually putting them on the payroll.

Continue reading "unpaid internships"

Wounded Warrior Project

Wounded Warrior Project is an organization that supports men and woman wounded in battle

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Succession Planning Survey

Use this succession planning survey along with Don Schwerzler's no-cost assessment to help you beat the dismal 30% odds that your family business will transition to the next generation.

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Performance Metrics

Performance metrics requires that the major work functions in every department be identified both in terms of volume and time. The premise is that work not measured cannot be managed.

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